100% reliable service.

Our cheat software has never been detected by the anti-cheat valve, our rank boosting is 100% legit without cheat software, and we do not need your account.

Support Availability

The technical and commercial support can be quickly joined by email or Teamspeak software every day between 8h-22h.

Update of the software

The update of the cheat software is put automatically as soon as it is restarted.


The software is transparent against anti-cheats, it is injected into the game map mapping and has a high quality encryption that makes it indetectable, and this encryption code changes with each injection, it must be installed in the heart of a USB key and this one must be removed afterwards.

The boosting

The boosting rank, allows you to upgrade your rank on the game, and to play with the best players, the boostings will be done with trust factor green accounts which allows to be clean during the following matches and increase your reputation, we don use no software and neither do you.